LOLI was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs, Astreid Vivero and Thembi Kuchena. Both were inspired by the flourishing lifestyle in Abu Dhabi and the exquisite fashion taste of its local people, which led them to create a company that aims to provide comprehensive fashion and beauty services. Collaborating with world-renowned brands and leading suppliers, they are committed to delivering the most luxurious fashion events, unforgettable shopping experiences and dress each client in a red carpet worthy moment.

With strong aspirations for the brand to go global, the duo decided to generate a second project under LOLI, where they plan to transform the world of travel and fashion through a mobile application, introducing a unique concept of a "traveling closet". Entering a fashion technology no one has ever implemented before, their international dream to take over the fashion world is just on its way.

Thembi Kuchena
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Astreid Vivero
Founder & CEO